Imagine a world where you have a steady & reliable method to generate clients on demand. This consulting agency was created to help small business owners find success with developing the business, driving efficiency & metrics, acquiring new clients, and more. All while understanding how to keep their existing client base happy and coming back. The art of cultivating relationships starts with a simple “Hello!”, and can last for many years into the future. Let’s face it… We can’t do everything by ourselves & you need help!

We won’t be chasing after every new hottest trend or shiny object. We will be utilizing tried-and-true methods that will stand the test of time. Our main focus, should we do business together, will be:

1). Obtaining high quality individuals that have the desire to succeed
2). Create the systems that lead to paying clients (the lifeblood of business)!
3). Building trust with those clients so they keep coming back, and refer others to your business.

Because it comes down to this…

If you can’t pay money to develop your business, drive meaningful business metrics in order to acquire a new clients – you don’t have an effective business. Isn’t it time that you invest in your future and build a predictable business development and client acquisition process?

You can start immediately by (_____XX____)

Ahren Lotze is a life-long entrepreneur and aims to utilize his relationship building skills to help business owners  marketing and advertising trends that work best in the socially-based, digital medium, by leveraging his extensive real-world experience, and education to benefit his clients. Ahren is an experienced Project Manager, and he has recently acquired degrees from the accredited Augsburg University in Business Management, and MIS: Business Analytics, and continually studies marketing methods and trends using Facebook, & Google, (NO affiliation expressed or implied).